For a structured and self-managed performance of professional repositioning.

Differently from the traditional outplacement programs offered by companies in dismissal processes, Professional Repositioning prepares professionals so that they can actively participate in their repositioning in the market.

By reviewing the professional trajectory and personal goals, the service promotes self-knowledge, empowerment and a proactive attitude towards a successful change. And it includes an individualized Strategic Action Plan to enhance the professional’s employability.

This service is also intended for professionals in career transition, whether due to dismissal or personal change option.

The process is divided into two stages, the first being characterized by the mapping of competencies, values ​​and behaviors, ambitions and potential analysis through specific tools. In the second phase, the Action Plan for the strategic approach to the market is prepared.

Reggiani Hunting does not provide Professional’s Outplacement and Outplacement services for companies.

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