Reggiani Hunting

“Top of Mind” in hunting in Minas Gerais 

Reggiani Hunting specializes in identifying, attracting, evaluating and directing professionals to all organizational chart positions. To do so, desired knowledge, experience, functional abilities and the appropriate behavioral profile are thoroughly assessed, to ensure that each candidate fits the job challenges as well as the client’s culture, values, environment and expected working behavior.

* Market research (VB Marketing, February 2016)

Improved over 28 years of activity, the

Reggiani Hunting’s capability to understand and promote the functional fit and the cultural fit between the client company and the candidates have been perfected over the last 25 years and ensures the quality delivery of Executive Search, Hunting, Assessment, Career Repositioning and Selection of Trainees & Interns services.

With a high-performance team, personalized service, confidentiality and service deliveries supported by reports and indicators, Reggiani Hunting is the ideal partner of the Human Resources areas, specially now, when Brazil is going through political and economic changes, a delicate moment in which the winning companies will be those that have the best human capital for their needs and challenges.



To be the first choice for client companies in the search for the right people for every need and time.



To identify, attract, evaluate and direct professionals with the desired functional abilities and the appropriate behavioral profile to adapt to the client’s cultural work environment, integrating companies and people, for the benefit of both.




To build and maintain trust relationships with the client, through:


  • Personalized service.
  • Transparency and respect to commitments.
  • Confidentiality pact with companies and professionals.
  • Focus on excellent work.
  • Fair remuneration for work delivery.