Solid methodology, Assessment Book and optional IDP (Individual Development Plan) for the assessed professional

Assessment (functional and psychological evaluation) that can be used at various levels and for leadership is the ideal tool for:

  • To evaluate the professionals’ potential to face the challenges of their work;
  • To identify the training gaps in company’s talents;
  • To appraise promotions, job area moves, new careers, transfers, replacements, retentions or succession plans.


Based on sound methodology and analysis, Reggiani Hunting produces an Assessment Book that helps HR professionals to evaluate the professional in terms of operating dynamics, outstanding skills and improvement opportunities.

The work includes feedback from the consultant and, if appropriate, can be supplied with an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and coaching.

The work is done within the perspective of the harmonious meeting of functional fit and cultural fit between company and client. Therefore, it considers, from the company side:

  • The business sector, its size, strategy and market challenges;
  • Its Mission, Vision and Values;
  • Its culture, structure, management style and organizational climate;
  • The desired strategic organizational competencies.


On the professional side:

  • Behavioral style, personality, psychometric tests and operating dynamics;
  • Biographical research, life trajectory, development track;
  • Stimulus leverage factors.

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Reggiani Hunting’s Assessment can be “tasted” by potential clients (for one professional), subject to schedule availability.

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